The Advantage of a Boutique Firm

Jan 06, 2016

The Advantage of a Boutique Firm

One of the advantages of hiring a boutique law firm is that we limit the number of clients we represent. Each client receives ourpersonal attention.I handle the majority of my clients' legal work. In those instances when I delegate tasks to other lawyers to save money for my client, I personally oversee your matter.

In thirty years of practice, I have never delegated a trial or arbitration to another lawyer. Clients hire me because I am a battle-tested trial attorney with a vast depth of experience in the entertainment industry. Few hire me because of my ability to draft motions, prepare written discovery or review documents. I delegate those activities to save my clients money.

Jon Pfeiffer is an experienced entertainment and copyright trial attorney practicing in Santa Monica. Jon is also an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where he teaches Media Law. The class covers First Amendment issues as well as copyright, defamation and privacy.

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