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Downloadable LLC and Corporation Resources

Aug 29, 2017

Corporations and LLCs

Pfeiffer Law makes the LLC and Corporation formation processes easier with downloadable resources

Starting a new business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As a specialty law firm, we appreciate how personal and challenging that journey can be. We also understand that there are many decisions to be made regarding the formation of your business. These decisions can drastically impact your ability to save money and ensure you are safe from personal liability for the activities of your business.

A solid business structure is critical to your organization's success. At Pfeiffer Law, we want to help you succeed and we have the experience necessary to analyze your specific needs to determine the most effective way forward. Every new venture is different, and whether your situation warrants the formation of a corporation, or a limited liability company ("LLC"), we have the tools necessary to put the foundation in place so you can focus your energy on growth and innovation and profitability.

We will walk you through every step involved in creating your corporation, or LLC, from preparing and filing the formation documents all the way to obtaining your identification tax number. We will also make sure your business has maintenance processes in place so continued compliance with any necessary formalities will be simple, long after your business has been formed.

To help walk you through the process, our skilled team of professionals has devised a series of flowcharts and extensive summaries to help you fully grasp the LLC and Corporation process.

We hope that they prove fruitful to you understanding. Even so, if you have any questions or are seeking representation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (310) 451-5800.

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