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Elise Brisco: Influencing Holistic and Healthy Aging

Jun 16, 2021

Our interview of Elise Brisco for “The Creative Influencer” podcast is available today for download on iTunes, Spotify, and premier platforms everywhere. Dr. Brisco is a health and wellness influencer who uses her background as an integrative optometrist and a clinical homeopath, to promote holistic and healthy aging. Elise is also preparing to compete as a contestant in the Miss California United States Pageant in August 2021 and will break ground as the oldest contestant in the pageant.

Dr. Brisco shared the following takeaways:

On pageants
Jon Pfeiffer:
What would you tell someone who has a negative view of pageants?

Elise Brisco:
That I was the same way. I mean, my view of pageants was watching it on TV with my mom and thinking, oh, all they're doing is walking around in their bathing suits. Why do they make girls do this? But now that I've gotten involved, I realize there needs to be a documentary. In fact, my pageant directors working on that, because it really is about service. Platform, service to your community, citizenship. The girls there are selfless. They work so hard to help other people. Now I have to tell you, people will listen to you and they want you to come speak to them more if you have that Tiara. So my platform is, I know I look like Mickey mouse, but it's really a Tiara. My platform is vision with the mission. Vision is such an important part of your life. And there's so many people who don't have access to vision care.

So I was working with the city trying to raise donations so I can give my device NearSight that helps people to stay connected to the world through their phone and see it and have doctor visits and even have televideo with their family because they're isolated or they're not mobile. So, the pageant is about giving to your community. And if that's what it takes, then that's what I want to do. It's just like social media. You know, I have to do my little song and dance and tell a story in 15 to 30 seconds. But I try to cover hard hitting facts and health information to empower people so that they can take care of themselves better.

So we all have to play a game. And if this is the pageant, is that vehicle, so be it. Because it really is the vehicle for it sounds so stupid, world peace, making the world better. That really is what it's about. And so you need to learn more about it and follow the Queens and the title holders through their reign, because they are volunteering and helping people. And they have huge hearts and they don't get paid for it. They're doing this because they love their fellow human beings.
On age
Jon Pfeiffer:
What would you tell your 25 year old self about living your best life as you get older?

Elise Brisco:
Well, first of all, what you do, how you live your life at 25 is going to determine how you live your life when you're 65. So every minute, every day counts, that's for sure. And to find what you want to do and go after it, step-by-step. But even if you say, oh my gosh, that goal is so far off in the future. I didn't get here overnight. This was 30 years of practice. This was four degrees later. Even the pageant, all the work I have to put in, I'm not just going to walk out in that stage because if I do trust me I might fall down. I am practicing. I should have brought the shoes to show you, oh my God. They're like these shoes are so tall, but you have to put in the work or make the work fun. And have goals, set goals, and start working towards them.
On her new YouTube Show
Jon Pfeiffer:
And you're launching a new show on YouTube. Tell us about that.

Elise Brisco:
So I am an integrative optometrist and a clinical homeopath. Plus, as you saw from my background, I'm into fitness lifestyle, eating well fashion. So what better title for my show than More than Meets the Eye because I'm an optometrist by training, but I am absolutely more than meets the eye. I have a co-host Dr. Mark Eltis from Toronto. So we're going to help empower our followers and we're going to be the how to age gracefully, live a healthy lifestyle.


A transcript of the episode follows:


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