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Flawed and needs an update

Dec 12, 2018

Ben Huyard

The court system is flawed and needs to undergo significant updates. The most important development of the legal system in my opinion is shifting to digital first. Every aspect of the trial process needs to be digitized, from navigating the courthouse, finding appropriate trials, and information to implementing a digital jury selection screening system and visual aids such as Powerpoints to be used by attorneys to assist in engaging the jury and enabling them to recall and reanalyze the information presented to them.

The judicial system issimilar tomy advertising major's transmissional viewpoint which is rational, claim-based, information transporting, and product (or client)-focused. lt is different than my advertising major's ritual viewpoint which is emotion-based, experience-focused, with an emphasis on sharing and communing. While an advertiser advocates for a product, similarly an attorney advocates for a client, however the goal of advertising is persuasion where the goal of the court is justice through mandation.

This court experience was slightly more challenging than I had expected. First, unable to access a jury trial in Santa Monica followed by confusion and misinformation at the Airport Courthouse. The most frustrating aspect of my experience was finding a case to attend and navigating to it. The most helpful aspect of my experience was my brief meeting with the prosecuting attorney where she explained the nature and details of the case.

Shifting the legal systemto a digital firstbasis could greatly improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and organization of the entire process. Judges, attorneys, and jurors would have much more easily accessible information, streamlining the process and improving the qualityofdecisions and judgments. Beyond that, digitalizing the court experience will create a more user-friendly environment which may encourage individuals to be willing participants in the process rather than resenting and avoiding the system.

Ben Huyard, a student in Jon Pfeiffer's Fall 2018 Media Law class at Pepperdine University, wrote the above essay in response to a court case he observed at the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse.

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