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How do you stand out on YouTube?

Jun 10, 2019

A crowd of Ducks, with a standout

Last week, we explored the massive amount of content uploaded to YouTube. Over 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute.That's 720,000 hours of content uploaded to the platform every day!

How do you get noticed in ALL that content?! We break it down into seven tips that every Creator can implement.

Content is King

The first and most important step, is to create quality content that people want to watch.It's simple: Put up good content - if you don't, people won't come back to your channel and people won't subscribe.

For many, this means honing and focusing your channel and your content to a specific niche that is unique to you and something that you can make your own.


SEO or "Search Engine Optimization" is something you often hear about websites. But the concept holds true for creators. You want to get found when people are searching for your content.

One of the simplest tricks is to title your video to match search terms people will be using when they are looking for content like yours. For example, if you are answering a question in the video, the video title should be the question being answered.

Another step in getting found is to make sure your video descriptions are descriptive and keyword rich. You should include key takeaways or even a transcript of part of your video.

Be Trending

Keep an eye on current events related to your niche. You can find opportunities to get attention to your channel. When a topic is going viral, it is important to act quickly—waiting a week or two isn't fast enough.

Whenever something in you niche is trending, get yourself in the mix as soon as possible. while staying true to your style and respectful of the fans you want to court.


Consistency is the one thing that an algorithm can never take away. If you build a relationship with your audience, where they come to expect you on a regular basis, you don't need an algorithm to be found. You are part of their routine.

Publish on the same day of the week at the same time of day. Your viewers will form a habit around watching your channel, protecting you from algorithm changes.


Make sure you have a few videos that showcase your abilities, then reach out to larger channels with ideas that are relevant and exciting for their audiences. Don't spam larger channels; reach out to specific channels that are relevant to your niche, and pitch ideas that are legitimately a good fit for both of you.

Imitation is only good to a point

The saying goes that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." That generally is bad advice for Creators. Why? Because you will be virtually invisible to the public. That's because if someone else already has a following in a specific niche, and if you are just copying that other Creator's approach, you are adding no value and no reason for people to watch your content over someone who already has a following. Instead, create content that is unique to you, and don't be a lemming and do exactly what everyone else is doing.


Promote your work to media in your niche. Most creators don't emphasize promotion much, and for good reason. It can sometimes be spammy and uncomfortable. It is a balancing act between promotion and getting new eyeballs on your content and looking like you are just promoting your content for clicks.

Just like collaborating with other Creators, once you have a few quality videos on your channel that you are proud of, reach out to magazines or news companies in your niche with content that you think will interest them (based on what they've shared and reported on in the past).

Sharing through social media and online communities such as Reddit is also a good way to promote your content. One tool we've seen some creators use with success is creating GIFs of a highlight of their video to post, almost like a trailer for your video. Again, you want to stay relevant and not spam people. Spam is posting to a reddit thread that has nothing to do with your channel or creating lots of different GIFs for the same video and posting over and over again. Promotion, on the other hand, is thoughtfully sharing with communities that would have an interest in your most recent content.

While we can't promise that your channel will go viral, we can promise that these tips will give you the best chance for steady growth.

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