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"Insights" for Everyone

Feb 20, 2019

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My favorite social media platform is Instagram. There are a Lot of great features on this platform and it is always adapting to keep the content fresh and interesting, as well as to not die out like Facebook did. This platform has become a marketing and business building center in addition to a social hub that connects people across the world. There are, however, some improvements that could be made to enhance the engagement and make using the app more fun. For example, I think it would be a good idea for "insights," which only are possible to view if your account is set to a business profile, to tell you who your top 5-10 followers are and who most frequently visits your profile each week. This would be especially helpful for influencers and other Instagram users who use the platform to advertise for their business or startup, so that they could know on a weekly basis exactly who to market to and start a conversation.

In addition, Instagram users would benefit from the platform changing their current algorithm which only shows users the top posts by their peers or ones that get the most engagement. Now, they "reward" the users who post every day, are active on their Instagram stories, get engagement from followers through direct messaging, polls, comments, and likes, and who respond in a timely manner to those engagements. Long story short, you have to be glued to your Instagram account if you ever want your post to be seen by a lot of people. Everyone used to love the chronological timeline so that you would never miss a post from a friend, but since they changed it everyone became weirdly random, and you don't always see the posts by your friends, but you always see anything posted by a celebrity or influencer that you follow.

Finally, Instagram could do a better job of creating a feature that connects users to other accounts that are similar to them, as to grow their following and network. I am mainly thinking about micro influencers who could collaborate with one another through the explore page, and therefore grow their respective following and get more brand marketing jobs. The platform truly has become such a place to build a business or even a personal brand, and if the company were to provide us with other accounts that are similar to ours, that would be a great feature to gain exposure and create relationships with people from around the world!

Abby Hunt, a student in Jon Pfeiffer's Spring 2019 Media Law class at Pepperdine University, wrote the above essay in response to the following question:What are the features that you wish were on your favorite social media platform?

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