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Know Your Consumer Before You Market to Them

Feb 18, 2019

William Jensen

In the present day and age in the advertising realm a new way of advertising through social media is becoming more prevalent. In the past, people would more frequently use advertising through certain ways such as billboards and word of mouth, but nowadays with the increase in social media and social media technology it is easier to target people then it has been in the past. Some ways that I have seen companies use social media to promote their business are through ads on individual Instagram pages. If I were in charge of a start-up, I would use social media in two ways that would help get our companies name out there. The first way would be to have our company stream ads on the pages of people that follow similar companies to ours. What social media does for a company now is being able to get to know your consumer better before you actually promote to them. What this means is that depending on the company that I am promoting for I can look at users of a social media like Instagram and see which people follow or own a product similar to our companies.

The other way that I would use social media for the start-up company would be to have an account that people could visit and find out information about our company. To make this page more interesting however, I would ask the company to save a certain amount of money each month for giveaways on our page. The reason I would give away free products from our page is because it gives the social media follower a reason to follow our account. Even if they do not win the prize for that week the followers would still be visiting our company's page and getting to know our company. In the past, I have noticed influencers on social media doing this exact thing. On these pages they give away products that are interesting and most of the time these influencers have a lot of followers. What our company would do would be to highlight the winners of the products to prove to followers that there are winners and that the things they win are good products. These two ways of using advertising to promote a company are interesting to me and I have seen them be beneficial for other companies in the past based on getting their name recognition up.

William Jensen, a student in Jon Pfeiffer's Spring 2019 Media Law class at Pepperdine University, wrote the above essay in response to the following question: If you were in charge of social media for a start-up, how would you use it to promote your business?

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