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Operation Varsity Blues and Olivia Jade

Apr 03, 2019

Olivia Jade Dorm Room Photo

Our second minisode for "The Creative Influencer" podcast is available today for download on iTunes, Spotify, and premier platforms everywhere. In minisodes, we answer questions that our listeners have emailed Jon. In this minisode, we answer a question about what will likely happen to Olivia Jade, and influencer who's parents were indicted in connection to the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions scandal.


A transcript of the episode follows:

Welcome to our second minisode. Today we'll answer an E-mail from Tiffany.

Subject: Operation Varsity Blues and Olivia Jade

Hey Jon,

I follow Olivia Jade on Instagram and I know she's getting a lot of hate, but I really like her. How much trouble is she in because of mom's arrest? What will happen to her Instagram account? What will happen to her sponsorships?


Let me start with some background. Olivia Jade's mom is Lori Loughlin who was a regular on the Hallmark Channel. On March 13 Loughlin and over 50 other people were arrested in a college admissions scandal. Loughlin was indicted over allegations that she paid $500,000 to get her two daughters, Isabella and Olivia Jade, into USC, the University of Southern California. The girls were designated as recruits for the crew team, but they had never been on a crew team.

Tiffany, to answer your questions:

First question. How much trouble is she in because of her mom's arrest? Olivia Jade has not been charged with a crime and we have no idea how much she participated in the scam or how much she knew. That said, she's left SC.

Second question. What will happen to her Instagram account? I checked and Instagram's terms of use do not say that they'll kick you off the platform if your parents are arrested. So, she'll likely keep her Instagram account.

Final question. What will happen to her sponsorships? They'll take a hit. They've already taken a hit. Sephora severed their relationship with Olivia Jade. The most infamous post of Olivia Jade sitting in her dorm room at school has been removed.

My prediction:she'll be back. Our collective memory is very short.

My second prediction:the sponsors will wait until the criminal charges against her parents have been resolved.

That's it for this minisode. We'll be back with an interview next week.

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