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Social Media Influencer Guides (2021 updates)

Aug 02, 2021

For years, it has required a lawyer to interpret the laws, rules and regulations that Influencers need to follow when posting sponsored content. To help our clients navigate these muddy waters, we are updating our Influencer Guides for 2021 to act as cheat sheets for what you need to know and what you need to do.

The seven revised guides are available now for download now:
      Influencer Best Practices for endorsements and brand deals,
      Disclosures to always use and laws to follow,
      Dos and Don’ts across all platforms,
      Dos and Don’ts for Hashtags,
      Dos and Don’ts for Snapchat and Instagram stories,
      Dos and Don’ts for Video and Live Streaming, and
      Dos and Don’ts for Instagram

The PDF downloads are available now from the Documents Section of the Influencers | Social Media Practice page.

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