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Social Media: The New Advertising

Mar 25, 2019

Social Media: The New Advertising

Move over TV, there's a new advertising phenomenon in town. If you want to advertise, social media is the best place to start these days. But, you think to yourself, why wouldn't I just advertise on Netflix or whatever the kids are watching these days? In response, I ask you, have you watched a movie with a millennial lately? It's become the norm to be on your phone while watching TV or a movie, so reaching out through social will be way more successful in capturing their attention.

Scandal, an American political thriller TV series, increased its viewership and viewer interaction through star-to-fan interaction on Twitter. Scandal formed a community on Twitter by live tweeting back and forth with fans during the show - sort of a modern watch party. It drove a massive word-of-mouth campaign for the show which skyrocketed Scandal's ratings.

Another great example of the power of social media advertising is GoPro. They use their own customers' photos and videos from social media for advertising. The genius in this is that it advertises what the cameras can do because the ads are from real people with GoPros doing real things: snowboarding in Switzerland, swimming in the Maldives, or jumping off 90-foot cliffs into crystal blue water. High-quality videos uploaded to social media by consumers are more convincing to potential buyers than heavily-produced campaigns by GoPro.

Using social media alongside a TV ad may be your best bet as an advertiser. While digital ads have more touchpoint and interaction, TV ads lend credibility and scale. However, traditional TV viewership is decreasing. Younger audiences are turning to online content in place of TV. Using digital advertising in combination with traditional TV advertising allows you to gain insight to your audience's personal interests, which can be used to create ads that are visually appealing and personalized. Using social media influencers in online brand campaigns is one major way that brands are gaining visibility and popularity with a new generation of consumers. There's a reason Kylie Jenner purportedly gets paid $1 million for a sponsored Instagram post. It's time to Keep Up with the Kardashians and incorporate a social media advertising strategy into your marketing plan.

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