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Dec 20, 2017

Student | Conner Kashyap

A major principle from my specific major, advertising, that could be used to improve the trial process, especially in my visited case of Mr. Guerrero v The People of the United States would be to incorporate an advertising campaign in order to boost publicity and attendance to the case itself. In order to run a proper ad campaign, the use of A.I.D.A. and K.I.S.S. principles/ concepts are important. A.I.D.A. is an acronymstanding for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action and K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. In the world of advertising, concepts such as A.I.D.A. and K.I.S.S. are used in order to grasp and retain the consumers' attention for the short period of time a targeted consumer will give. An advertisement campaign will be a strong one if these two concepts are followed.

In regards to the Mr. Guerrero v The People of the United States case, an ad campaign would be beneficial to increase the popularityof this trial especially since it is an interesting one. This case is about a man, Mr. Guerrero, who has a mental illness called schizophrenia. This man is asking the People of the United States permission and allowance to be moved along through the Gateway protection and observation clinic so that he can live a normal life. The question, however, is if Mr. Guerrero is in control of his mental illness now, or if Mr. Gerrero's medication is what's controlling[the illness].

An advertisement campaign can be set up for this trial on this primary question: who is really in control? People, as the supporting witnesses of Mr. Guerrero confirmed, want to see him overcome schizophreniaand believe that he has done so, but some remain skeptical and believe that this illness simply cannot be overcome and that the medication is the element that is in control. If this were advertised as a "fight," we could easily project this legitimate conflict through the medium of socialmedia and geographically place these advertisements on Facebook as well as Instagram which in turn we are able to track in regards to impressions and action rates. Then it is possible to relate these previous results to the actual individuals who attend the trial on November 21, 2017. My assumption, since this is an interestingcourt case, is that the attendancecould be phenomenal if an advertising campaign, using A.I.D.A. and K.I.S.S. principles/ concepts, was put in place with a goal of increasing publicity and attendance at the Mr. Guerrero v. The People of the United States trial.

Conner Kashyap, a student in Jon Pfeiffer's Fall 2017 Media Law class at Pepperdine University, wrote the above essay in response being asked how his major, advertising, could improve the trial process.

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