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Welcome to the FTC: Everything you need to know

Apr 16, 2018

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Over the next few days on our blog, you're going to be seeing a lot of the FTC. Wait! Before you tune me out or close the page, I promise you're going to want to stick with us through this. It's all about social media, and whether you're a brand or an influencer, we're going to cover some pretty important stuff.

Over the last few years, we all know that social media has blown up. We're all on it, all the time, and any brand that's launching a major marketing campaign these days unavoidably has a social media strategy.

So why does the FTC come up at all? Isn't that some government agency? Aren't we just talking about some YouTube videos and a couple of Instagrams? What's the big deal anyway?

The big deal is that there's an important law called the FTC Act, and it applies every time an endorsement is made on behalf of a sponsoring brand or advertiser. That means all those influencers getting paid to Instagram products? Yup, FTC Act applies. The thing is, this area of the law is pretty new, so the FTC has only given us a few case examples of what they're looking for and what they won't allow. Lucky for you, we've done the legwork to figure out what the rules are so far - that's the point of these blog posts over the next few days. So keep your eyes peeled, we're breaking down what we know step by step to make sure your social media marketing campaign, your YouTube videos, your IG posts are all good to go.

Jon Pfeiffer is an experienced entertainment and copyright trial attorney practicing in Santa Monica. Jon is also an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California where he teaches Media Law. COM 570 covers First Amendment issues as well as copyright, defamation, and privacy.

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