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We’ve re-launched pfeifferlaw.com

Oct 07, 2019

Pfeiffer Law is excited to announce the re-launch of our website!

The planning for this has been over a year in the making. We wanted to make it easy to navigate, while providing useful information to all those who visit the site.

Our redesign includes a new Media section that contains separate pages for both The Creative Influencer Podcast and our Videos. The Creative Influencer Podcast page includes all episodes of the podcast available for streaming directly on the site (in addition to premier platforms everywhere). The redesigned Videos page now has all videos from our YouTube Channel and synchronizes with it automatically.

The site also includes a redesigned Entertainment Law Blog, which can be searched by category topics or word searches. We now have over 360 posts and articles on our award-winning blog. To put that number in context: that is an average of one post per week for over seven years!

Search has also been improved for the rest of the site.

We have updated the Practice and downloadable resources section to more clearly articulate the client journey for each of our practice areas, along with quick access to relevant articles from the Entertainment Law Blog. Each practice area also has free downloadable resources.

In addition to professional information about each of our Team Members, we have striven to include personal information to help you know us better.

We are proud of what we have produced. We welcome your feedback—the internet, like the law, is in constant evolution.

Pfeiffer Law Corp is an entertainment law firm based in Santa Monica, California.

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