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Credintials may indicate a lawyer's experience and abilities, but what stands out most is what clients and other lawyers say about working with Jon Pfeiffer.

Every time I deal with a lawyer other than Jon, I am reminded that he is head and shoulders above his peers.  Jon has a razor-sharp intellect and a keen interest in representing his client’s interests to the very best of his ability.  He brings the full weight of his knowledge and experience to bear in case prep and at trial.  He is forthright, ethical, and supremely conscientious.  I would recommend Jon to anyone in need of litigation counsel.  
- Avvo client review.
A+ litigator with top-notch credentials, experience, and track record of success.  If you are looking for a quality litigator for any substantial business, entertainment, or other high-stakes lawsuit or potential lawsuit, Jon should be your choice.             
- Avvo client review.
Being on the receiving end of a lawsuit, especially one that you do not deserve, isn’t exactly an enjoyable event.  Jon Pfeiffer made my business partner and I feel at ease immediately with a game plan and confidence.  I was no longer concerned with being on the receiving of a lawsuit, my only concern was getting through the process (which a lawsuit is), as all would be OK.  Jon and his associates made the opposing lawyer run in circles and finally in a choke hold and never gave him air.  My type of guy.  I highly recommend his services.
- Avvo client review.
I had the unique experience of being opposite Jon on a civil litigation matter and then eventually practicing law with him for two years. In addition to being a phenomenal trial lawyer, Jon is a great guy.  I highly recommend Jon.   - Avvo endorsement.
I am a current client of Jon Pfeiffer, who helped rescue my business from debilitating legal turmoil.  I found Jon while in the midst of several cases which were beginning to cripple my business. His experienced, level-headed approach helped resolve these issues and allowed my company to emerge and move forward. I would strongly recommend him to any business owner.  Jon is someone who you definitely want in your corner… my business is living proof.       - Avvo client review.
I’ve engaged Mr. Pfeiffer more than once.  His approach is productive and strategic, as it should be.  There’s no chest-beating or dramatics.  He is direct and informed.  His counsel has been infallible when assessing options and the best route to achieve the desired outcome.
- Avvo client review
Jon has been my go-to lawyer for commercial litigation and media matters.  Our firm does exclusively intellectual property, and we typically do not handle commercial litigation and media cases, so I look to Jon to help my clients solve these types of cases.  He has never let them down.
- Daniel M. Cislo, Esq.
I was a small fish with a small bank account in a big, messed-up pond.  Jon saw the merits of my troubles and steered me into a level of justice I never thought that I could afford.  To have someone fight for me as hard as he is, while fighting for much larger clients, is a testament to how amazing he is. If you want someone to stand up for you against the BS this town can unleash, look no further.  Jon is integrity, soul, and (karmic) justice embodied.  Period.  I actually look forward to meeting with my attorney now.  Enough said.
- Avvo client review.
I endorse this lawyer.  I’ve been practicing business litigation for 25 years and Jon is one of the most thorough and creative lawyers I’ve known when it comes to developing legal theories and arguing motions.  He never seems to miss even the smallest detail, often thinking of issues and arguments that other incredibly talented lawyers miss.    
– Avvo endorsement.
I endorse this lawyer.  I have worked with Jon Pfeiffer as co-counsel on several matters.  Jon was not only a pleasure to work with, he is a smart, strategic, and intuitive trial attorney.  Jon definitely knows the law and how to apply it in representing his clients.
– Avvo endorsement.
Jon and I have worked together on several matters including one case that culminated in a three-week jury trial (we won).  Jon was the lead trial attorney and was tremendous.  His mastery of the evidence rules coupled with his ability to connect with a jury makes him a formidable opponent.  I recommend Jon without hesitation.
– Avvo endorsement.
In each matter, Jon does only what is necessary to get a successful resolution.  His ability to grasp facts and win in court is exceptional.  I find both his writing and speaking first-rate.  So do courts.  He doesn’t engage in discovery fights that serve only to run up bills.              
– Avvo client review.
I hold the highest respect for Jon Arnold Pfeiffer.  He is a man of character, integrity, knowledge, and experience.  Not only was he clear and concise in his representation of the facts to our firm, but also his aggressiveness abolished the strategies of the sloppy and lazy attorney that brought suit against us.  His effectiveness resulted in the dismissal of the case against us.  He was accurate in his estimation of the legal strategies imposed and was most precise about the outcome.  Mr. Pfeiffer was accessible and informative through each step of the process.  I recommend Mr. Pfeiffer to all individuals and corporations in need of legal assistance.  If you appreciate professionalism, honesty, and straightforward communication, Mr. Pfeiffer is a first-class attorney for your case!              – Avvo client review.
Jon is extremely knowledgeable, with a deep understanding of the entertainment field and measured foresight when it comes to the future of the industry and its direction.
– Avvo endorsement.
Jon is a dedicated and tenacious attorney who practices law with integrity.  When you hire Jon, he treats you like you are his only client.  Attorney Pfeiffer has a wealth of knowledge and advocacy skills that make him both a pleasure to work with and a formidable opponent.
– Avvo endorsement.

These testimonials and endorsements from Jon's clients and peers were originally posted on Experienced Entertainment Attorney


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