Our Litigation Philosophy at Pfeiffer Law Corp

Jon Pfeiffer's litigation philosophy is based upon his belief that the law should be used to make his clients' lives better. The law is not an end in itself; rather, it is a tool to accomplish his clients' personal and business objectives. Mr. Pfeiffer believes that the best way to ensure that his clients' objectives are met is through aggressive preparation and decisive execution.

Aggressive preparation permits the marshaling of assets to fight only those battles deemed significant or necessary. Thorough analysis of legal and factual issues at the outset of the case assures that a course of action is formulated based upon supportable legal theories and attainable goals. Similarly, aggressive discovery from the earliest allowable opportunity results in both proper trial preparation and tactical advantage. This approach enables Jon Pfeiffer to develop persuasive themes supported by the most compelling facts, which gives the jury the tools it needs to understand the issues upon which cases turn.

With experience totaling more than sixty-five arbitrations and trials, Jon Pfeiffer has the knowledge and ability to execute litigation strategies decisively, leading to better results.

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