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The Creative Influencer

The Creative Influencer is a weekly podcast where we discuss all things creative with an emphasis on Influencers. Jon interviews influencers, creatives, and the professionals who work with them.
We publish new episodes on Wednesdays!
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Weekly Podcast Hosted by Jon Pfeiffer

Season Five

Minisode Eleven of Season Five. In this minisode, Jon talks about a new bill in California that will make social media companies responsible for the addictive design features of their apps as it relates to kids. If the companies don’t change these features, parents would be able to sue them for hurting their kids. This begs the question: which is the addiction—lawsuits or social media?

Episode Seven of Season Five. We interview Beth Rylaarsdam. Beth is a social media influencer, plus-size model, motivational speaker, a body acceptance advocate and Lipedema awareness spokesperson. Beth shares aspects of her “secret sauce” for how she went from a nonexistent social media following to a very impressive one in just a few years.

Minisode Ten of Season Five. In this minisode, Jon discusses the cautionary tale of disgraced influencer Brittany Dawn, who sold “customized” fitness plans that were the same for everyone, and when she apologized and said she would refund her customers, never did. She now faces over $1 million in fines.

Minisode Nine of Season Five. In the second minisode in our series about online accessibility and making sure your content is ADA compliant, Jon details best practices all influencers should implement on social media.

Minisode Eight of Season Five. This is the first of two minisodes about online accessibility and making sure content is compliant with laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it applies to influencers. In this minisode, Jon discusses the law’s background and outlines a few best practices for websites.

Minisode Seven of Season Five. In this minisode, Jon talks about a new copyright ‘small claims’ process that will help creators protect their work more economically.

Minisode Six of Season Five. In minisodes, we answer questions that our listeners have emailed Jon. In this minisode, Jon responds to an email about fake social media accounts that steal the identity of real influencers.

Episode Six of Season Five. We interview Adrian Lurie. Adrian is co-founder of Dragonfruit Media, a video production and YouTube agency. Adrian discusses current YouTube engagement best-practices, with an eye to how the most engaging content bridges a curiosity gap for the audience through storytelling. This is a masterclass from a YouTube expert on how influencers—or really anybody—can make their YouTube page better and build an audience as a result.

Episode Five of Season Five. We flip the script and interview Jon Pfeiffer. We talk about Jon’s experience as an entertainment lawyer, his work with influencers and creatives and his thoughts on the shifting landscape of social media.

Minisode Five of Season Five. In this minisode, Jon answers a listener question about why they’re not making any money on TikTok despite a high follower count and compares platform monetization rates.

Episode Four of Season Five. We interview Joi Wade.Joi is a YouTuber, an entrepreneur, an author, co-host of a travel podcast, a recent graduate from University of Southern California—all on top of a day job!In Joi’s words, her YouTube channel and content sit at the crossroads of between beauty, education, and side hustling. Her channel has evolved as she’s evolved as a person, especially as she now navigates the transition from college to adult life.Joi shares some of her tricks for managing all of these projects and how she lives by the mantra “if you have an idea, just try it.”

Minisode Four of Season Five. Jon details the ongoing legal uncertainties around NIL deal-making for college athletes.

Minisode Three of Season Five. Jon discusses the influx of dealmaking in just the first three months of student athletes being able to be paid for their name, image and likeness.

Episode Three of Season Five. We interview Taylor Rochestie. Taylor is the author of A New 20/20 Vision: Cultivate Joy, Reprogram your Mind, and Define a Life Through an Authentic Lens. And by the way, he is also a professional basketball player. Taylor shares his fascinating journey and insight about finding happiness in the 95 percent of life that we tend to ignore. He also talks about his use of social media in promoting his book and shifting his social media persona and posts from personal to public-facing.

Minisode Two of Season Five. In minisodes, we answer questions that our listeners have emailed Jon. In this minisode, Jon discusses Instagram’s new age verification requirements and what parents and users should know.

Episode Two of Season Five. We interview Rebecca Hulse. Rebeca is a speaker and author who is “in the business of change.” She recently published the book Rebellious Rituals, a personal development guide for creatives to nurture their work and themselves through routines that help foster their creative process. Rebecca shares some of the lessons and insight she has learned on her journey traveling the world, coaching thousands of creatives on finding success in their work.

Minisode 1 of Season 5. In minisodes, we answer questions that our listeners have emailed Jon. In this minisode, Jon answers a listener’s question about disclosures.

Episode One of Season Five. We interview Alivia D’Andrea. Alivia has over 2.25 million YouTube subscribers and creates videos about food, self-improvement and the delightfully, chaotic adventures of a girl in progress. Alivia shares her advice and thoughts on creating engaging content and how her YouTube channel has matured in tandem with her own personal growth.

Season Five, Here We Go! We are excited to announce the launch of Season Five of The Creative Influencer podcast. This is going to be a great season. Our guests this season are wide ranging—from Instagram to athletes to YouTube. Stay tuned, this will be fun.


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